Gästebett selbst bauen: Ideen und Anleitung

Individuelle Alternativen zur Schlafcouch: Wie man ein Gästebett baut, das platzsparend und bequem ist.

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FLAXA Pull-out bed, white white Twin

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Shoes Rack (5 Pack)

One day you are in a hurry because you’re going to be late at work, but you can’t find the other pair of your shoes. Organize your shoes with this Shoes Rack, and you will never take a long time to look for a missing pair again! Shoes are missing, some are under the bed, some are jumbled, and mismatched pairs are in the entryway, and it’s not good to look either. Then, this Shoes Rack is the best storage solution for your shoes. Get it today!

A pull-out bed in a drawer saves space and offers a comfortable spot for a visiting friend or family member.

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It's truly amazing how much 'stuff' we accumulate during our lifetimes. Finding places to put it all can be a daunting task. If you're a hoarder, or if you live in a cramped apartment, a small house or even a large one, perhaps all you need is some clever ideas of how to create extra storage space.

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Are you trying to find attic room conversion ideas? If you’re fortunate enough to have an attic that is yet unused, we state it’s time to make much better use of it.

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Making use of attic is a perfect idea to expand your living space, however we often ignore it. So next time when you complain the room is too small, don’t forget that designing an attic can create more living space within your home. A well-designed attic is that great place to spend some quality time …

Spring Cleaning—Organize a craft space in 5 days. Join us as we share tips and tricks to organizing your space. We'll even show you how to plan a complete organized set-up in a 10'x5' space for under $1500. Lets get started!

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