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#celebrate #usmarines #marine #career #corps #great #usmc #help #the #us #in #aUS Marine Corps Help celebrate a great career in the US Marine Corps
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MoM journey is hard to describe but one of the greatest things is that I have met some awesome MoM's. With their encouragement I have kept writing and sharing. One very special MoM created this. She took a pic of my son and I with our first hug after bootcamp and added the poem. I hope she truly knows that she has played a huge part in my dreams of sharing my simple words. Thank you Laurie!!
66 months ago
Tradition holds that the words to the Marines' Hymn were written by a Marine serving in Mexico. In truth, the author of the words remains unknown. Its origins notwithstanding, the hymn saw widespread use by the mid-1800's. Copyright ownership of the hymn was given to the Marine Corps per certificate of registration dated August 19, 1891. In 1929, it became the official hymn of the United States Marine Corps. Shortly after World War II, Marines began to stand at attention during the playing of Th
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