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Une jolie collection plaqué or au couleur de l’été

Violon papillon

Atelier Mäurer Rieth: Décorations / Cadeaux pour l'Avent, Noël et l'hiver - #atelier #cadeaux #decorations #l39Avent #l39hiver #Mäurer #Noël #pour #Rieth

L'Art et Beauté d'une peinture: Le haut d'un VIOLON. (Pinterest)

A violin. I chose this because music is a very big part in my life, as I have been playing since I was six. Playing music is an excellent stress-reliever and a way to interact with people. However, I haven't been improving as much as I want, so I want to try and practice for about 25 minutes each day.

MULE têtu ou âne et Cow-Boy ou cow-girl tirant sans succès... | Etsy

Tabouret de bar design acier et bois industriel | Etsy

Long Sleeve Round Neck Bow Capes (1715374312)

HAUSER and Señorita - Listen - YouTube

Draad soldeer kunst. Wire solder art. Made by Erik.

flower made with washers only

HAUSER - Nessun Dorma - YouTube

Hauser and Benedetta Caretta - happy new year - YouTube

Купить Влюбленный человечек - серый, человечек, человечек из болтов, из гаек, сувенир, подарок, влюбленный

Best 15+ Simple Modern TV Stand Design Ideas for Your Home #TVStand #DIYTVStand #EntertainmentCenter #InteriorDesign #TVStandIdeas #Media #HomeDecor #HomeDesign

Furniture of America Black & Brushed Silver Dano Industrial Coffee Table #blackcoffeetables

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My friend the photographer

Música Con 4 Chelos #arte #música #chelos #músicaclásica #acústica

Event at the Waterfront | Chelos Banquets & Catering