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a floating deks is a nice idea for a small nook, this one also features some storage
12 months ago
525E "Веста" - небольшой дом с отличной планировкой. Общая площадь - 138.8 м2.
17 months ago
#Classic Home Decor #hausdekowohnzimmer #material #opportunities #hausdekowohnzimmer - Each of us has different needs and material opportunities, yet different tastes and homes. Some of us live in small houses, some live in big houses, some like classic furniture, some like modern and minimalist furniture. Some of us are very curious about decorative items and some of us consider these items as diffusions. But ultimately, we are trying to make decorations that express us as we will feel p...
1 month ago
Rambling Renovators
46 months ago
6 months ago
Zoco Home on Instagram: “A peek into our latest bedroom renovation. Creating a comfy, snoozy space✨ #interiordesign #bedroomdecor #zocohome #bedroominspo…”
7 months ago
Compact Study Room Designs To Help Your Kids Study | Fun Home Design
11 months ago
Умная мебель. Идеи для вашего комфорта
12 months ago
идеи для дома
1 month ago
Elegant Silver, Plum and Lavender Palette
28 months ago
16 months ago