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En psychologie, il existe une règle que l’on appelle « la règle du 90/10 », qui dit que la réaction que nous avons face aux événements a beaucoup plus d’influence que les propres événements eux-mêmes. De fait, seuls 10% de notre vie est déterminée par ce qui nous arrive : commettre une erreur, le retard d’un avion …

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What your sleep styles say about your relationship #sleeping #bedtime #relationships

This soul mate understands you and helps connect with you in every possible way. , The Reason Why We Can't Breakup With A Soulmate

Interesting why am I not divorced when I actually going through all these indicators , interesting indeed. | 11 Indicators That Predict Divorce

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1 Question To Ask Your Husband Everyday... As soon as I read this - I did this. And it was such an eye opener!

#wattpad #fanfiction Karla has never fell in love before. She was too busy being insecure. It hurt. Badly. But when she met the super charming and gorgeous Justin Bieber she starts to wonder, can her life change? Answer is, it can. Dramatically. She moved out of Stratford and soon, her life became ruined. But will Ju...

Questions to Ask Your Spouse Besides, "How Was Your Day?" We all get in the rut of asking lame questions and receiving lame answers. Click through for some great ideas of more…

15 Signs Your Marriage Is Over : Do your have a souring relationship? Here are 15 signs your marriage is over. These signs will help you understand more on your failed marriage. Check out! #marriage relation #relationship #love

Having a hard time deciding whether to stay or go? These questions should help determine if it's time to divorce.

S’il vous dit ces 10 Choses, c’est qu’il vous manipule #laviedesreines #confianceensoi #sagesse #conseils #aimer #émotions #aimer #émotions #photodujour #picodujour

This Is How You Turn Yourself Into The Woman He Can’t Afford To Leave - Relationshipss

5 cosas que debes recordar cuando te sientas hundido y deprimido #mente #autoayuda #psicologia #inspiracion #bienestar #desarrollopersonal

The New Year’s Resolution Every Astro Sign Should Make For 2019. – Zodiac Sphere

Christian marriage tips, tricks, and advice for a happy and successful marriage; Proverbs 31 woman; christian couple | Danielle Among Lions

SEPARATION & DIVORCE - EVERYTHING I WISH I'D KNOWN: If, like countless other wonderful women before you, you've found yourself going through the trials of Separation & Divorce - welcome. You're not alone. Here's EVERYTHING I wish I'd known as a woman going through it. Breakup & Divorce Recovery and Support | Mental Health & Wellness. CLICK TO READ MORE.

13 lessons I learned when I separated from my husband. Did we get back together? Did we divorce? How did the children take it? Was it a mistake to leave. #marriage #separation #divorce #marriagecounseling #relationships #singlemom

Les femmes brisées par des narcissiques aiment différemment, en voici 7 preuves

All the fights, all the legal battles are finally almost over. My divorce is nearing completion, and the feelings I'm having are not at all what I expected.

Emotional abstinence, the pain for a relationship ended

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8 truths to know during divorce; boundaries in divorce, truth about divorce, tips for divorce

Don't keep your Marriage on Survival Rations. These things are essential for your marriage to thrive. "3 Things He Can’t Live Without ~ 3 Things She Has to Have" MatthewLJacobson.com